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If you’re dealing with drains that just won’t unclog, turn to Premier Plumbing, we have the latest camera equipment and hydro jetting technology to get your drains cleared efficiently with minimal disturbance to you, your family, or your business. Clear out your sewage lines and give Premier Underground Plumbing a call at 720-492-2140 or request service online to get started.



Hydro jetting is a process in which your Premier Underground Plumbing, the technician will feed a hose with a specialized nozzle into your sewage lines to clear out stubborn clogs. When the hose encounters a tough clog, a high-pressure stream of water will deploy to clear away the blockage.

To ensure your pipes are fully cleared and back in working order, we use a specialized camera to locate the exact cause and location of the clogs in your system before deploying the water stream. Call 720-492-2140 or schedule service online.


What Makes Hydro Jetting Effective for Cleaning Pipes & Drain Lines?

At Premier Underground Plumbing we practice Hydro jetting, a process that is widely considered to be the most efficient way to clean out the buildup and debris that can create troublesome clogs. For this process to be fully effective, however, it is also used in conjunction with our sewer camera inspections.

Due to the frequency that sewer lines are used, it is important that they are regularly cleaned to prevent buildup. Our Hydro-Jett service does just that. Give us a call at 720- 492-2140 or schedule service online.

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